Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v6.3 FiNAL

Uberoid is a modded 1.3.0 firmware with 1.3.1 kernels, loaders and some of the ‘good’ components. In general, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets that is easy to modify:
RUN CHANGER.BAT on a Windows PC to setup and / or personalize the ROM. Type “X” <enter> in CHANGER to see all XTRA commands. New CHANGER Features:
1. You can delete the new futuristic text font I’ve included (remove FirmwareInstall\packages\android2.2-froyoHcHNEWFONT.tgz, then you get the default font back.)
2. You can delete the HoneyComb framework mod (remove FirmwareInstall\packages\android2.2-froyoHcHHCFW.tgz to get the default framework)
3. You can run CHANGER to:
* select your model (changes ROM config according to you model)
* copy Uberoid to SD (type in CHANGER “SD” <enter>, or anwer “y” after CHANGER has set a model, it will ask you to copy to SD.)
* Format a SD properly and copy Uberoid to it (type in CHANGER “SDFORMAT” <enter>, or anwer “y” after CHANGER has received “n” to the COPY question, it will ask you if you want to format and copy to SD.)
* Create a LiTE version, in CHANGER you type “LiTE”, this makes 13.5MB free in the ROM. Type “UNLITE” <enter> in CHANGER to get the extra apps back. It removes these components:

      -extra apps, removed from FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\data_patch\app and \data\
      -HoneyComb FrameWork MOD
      -HoneyComb WallPapers
      -HoneyComb Clock by Juliojs
      -HoneyComb Theme
      -ADW Launcher
      -ADW Settings
      -New text font
      -And it changes the default wallpaper back to default stock ROM.
    *LiTE uses only 1 launcher, the WMTLauncher.

4. You can change the font/lang to Arabic (type in CHANGER “AR” <enter> to copy the arabic support package to the ROM)
5. You can change the font/lang to Thai (type in CHANGER “TH” <enter> to copy the thai support package to the ROM)

* new font and framework included

* without NEWFONT.tgz

Examples of the new font:


Video and review of 6.1 by dragon2knight: (thanks dragon2knight!!!)

Config Changer: (CHANGER.BAT) Run this and enter your model number, the proper kernel and uboot env are active afterwards.

Use this chart to match your tablet’s specs to the appropriate option in the changer.bat



Tablet compatibility list: (use CHANGER to set you model!)
Uberoid is for a wide variety of 5″ / 7″ / 8″ and 10″ WM8650 based tablets:

      1=Maylong M-250
      1=MID V7 7″
      1=InterToys NL Tab 7″
      1=MID E18 7″
      1=M009S Green LED 7″
      1=TomTec Tablet 7″
      2=M009S Blue LED 7″
      2=Epad GW-70 7″
      2=MIDV7 Blue LED 7″
      2=WinPad-C07 7″
      3=M003S 8″
      3=Innovatek MID 8″
      4=PC-802 8″
      5=BLY-806 8″
      5=VIA WM8650 8″
      6=M80003W 8″
      7=Apex 7″
      7=BLY-706F v1 7″
      8=MID703 7″
      8=ILC PC Tab701 7″
      8=KLD-MID701 7″
      8=MID710 7″
      9=M010S 7″
      10=M012S 8″
      11=M70007T 7″
      11=ViaPad M7 7″
      11=VIA WM8650 7″
      11=M768A 7″
      11=Leader V70 7″
      11=Epad GW-707 7″
      12=ATF3416-7 7″
      13=BLY-706F v3 7″
      14=E16 5cun1603 5″
      15=ED99 8cun1603 8″
      16=E18 7cun1603 7″
      17=ED99 8cun8900 8″
      18=Ricatech/RATAB10 10″
    18=TomTec 10″

v6 FiNAL changelog:
* fixed notification background in framework
* fixed arrow problem (arrow is in WMT Launcher)
* re-added WMTLauncher because ADW Launcher Free isn’t that good as EX
* patched Wifi for better connection
* Changer now also makes a LiTE edition
* updated CHANGER.BAT to support even more devices
* removed WiZARD.BAT, too lame to update, use CHANGER and the SDTOOL
* added command ‘sd’ to CHANGER, this opens a modded SDTOOL that not formats the SD but just copies Uberoid (if a previous version is found, it’s deleted)
* added command ‘sdformat’ to CHANGER for those who wish to format as well
* changed changer to ask for a overwrite/copy or a sd format/copy
* added 10″ support
* Updated icons for wmt launcher
* fixed 8″ divided installation screen problem
* updated w-load
* upgraded green led kernel to 1.3.1
* Fixed arrow in FS (slipstreamed wmtlaucher)
* redone packaging to go with lite version without having those 0byte apps on your software overview
* Create easily a LiTE edition, remove \FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\data_patch\app and \FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\data_patch\data to get lite edition (or use CHANGER, type “LITE” <enter>, to undo, type “UNLITE” <enter>)
* Included Arabic support for our Arabic friends, run CHANGER, type “AR” <enter> and the rom will have a patch. Use “UNAR” to remove patch.

v6.2 changelog:
* Changed ADW Launcher EX to ADW Launcher since EX version is paid (I was unaware of that until a kind member told me this!)
* Modded ADW Launcher HoneyComb Theme incl. Juliojs’s HoneyComb Clock (get the pro, it has nice features!)
* Modded ADW Launcher with AndroidGFX’s HoneyComb Theme.
* Modded ADW Launcher with AndroidGFX’s HoneyComb Wallpaper pack (LiTE).
* Modded Android Framework with HcH’s HCFrameworkMOD, using the honeycomb sdk and about 40 customized gfx’s.
* Updated CHANGER and WiZARD, supports 30 models now.
* Included LauncherPro v0.8.6 (FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\data_patch\app)
* Included ymst.android.homeswitcherfroyo.11.apk (FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\data_patch\app), for easy switching between launchers.
* Changed to a better readable modern font (FirmwareInstall\packages\android2.2-froyoNEWFONT.tgz, remove this file to get default and flash)
* Redone patching structure, if you do not want the new font and honeycomb framework mod delete FirmwareInstall\Packages\android2.2-froyoHcHHCFW.tgz and flash.
* Changed WiZARD/SDTOOL to ask permission to format instead of auto-format
* Redone framework to create the option to use stock looks (remove from FirmwareInstall\packages\android2.2-froyoHcHHCFW.tgz and android2.2-froyoNEWFONT.tgz if you want stock looks)
* Fixed timezone problem
* Rebuilt package lists
* Updated video libraries
* Updated video support
* Rebuilt Dalvic Cache
* Reconfigured Launcher Pro
* Set ADW Launcher as default launchers
* Added skypelibs
* Updated library files with newer builts
* Fixed TS calibration problem
* Updated Settings
* Updated Settings Provider
* Added BETA Shenzhen Easydy DEVICE SUPPORT in FirmwareInstall\env:

      -E16_5cun1603 = Easydy E16 (5cun1603) 1.2.3 5″
      -ED99_8cun1603 = Easydy ED99 (8cun1603) 1.3.0 8″
      -E18_7cun1603 = Easydy E18 (7cun1603) 1.3.0 7″
      -ED99_8cun8900 = Easydy ED99 (8cun8900) 1.2.2 8″
      *In order to use these, rename the desired set to env_uboot (delete existing env_uboot). These devices seem to use the green led’s kernel. Please report me any problems or better, that these settings work perfectly

v6.1 changelog:
* De-WMT’ed edition
* Green LED kernel changed, cam/hib problems should be resolved. Tested on 2 devices, works now, but it is possible that other devices can have problems, please report them at TechKnow.
* Fixed set for m003s, the updated 1.3.0 uboot env shows new env settings for TS codecs.
* Fixed m012s support
* Lite version, removed google maps/docs/streetview/gmail/launcherpro/iReader/wmtlauncher/angrybirds/homeswitcher/wmtlauncher
* Fixed menu background invisible text by e.g. settings ADW Launcher/titanium backup
* ADW Launcher is default now

v6 changelog:
* UNTESTED, supports now BLY 806, option ’14′. I created this env set for a member but this member never let me knew if it worked. Please post some feedback on this one!
* Fixed reversed CAM problem on all sets
* Increased string sorting capabilities
* Changed WifiTX from 100 to 30 (FirmwareInstall\packages\fs_patch\root_patch\system\etc\Wireless\RT2870STA) (just remove the wireless folder to get TX=100 back)
* updated kernel blue led to from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
* updated kernel green led to from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0
* created WiZARD, a tool that combines CHANGER and SDTOOL, recommended for first time users.
* updated CHANGER.BAT
* included 8 new 800×600 backgrounds to the launcher
* Fixed 2D Low FPS problem
* optimized dalvic cache
* new power saver, wifi scan interval is delayed
* optimized launcher
* Includes juliojs‘s wonderful HoneyComb clock juliojs.com.honeycombclock.clock (get the pro, has nice features!)
* added 8 new wallpapers
* Included honeycomb fonts
* quickboot, just a little faster!
* build.prop updated
* flash modded
* boosted RAM cleaning (makes task killer unneeded)
* removed Advanced Task Killer
* boosted audio a bit
* Fixed m003/m012s Touchscreen calibration problem
* Fixed M80003W Touschreen problem
* Removed permanent M008s support as I can’t test this without a device.
* Increased 2D FPS, a lot*
* Fixed cpu speed info
* created SDTOOL for properly formatting the SD and copying Uberoid to the SD
* updated honeycombtheme framework:

      -Download arrow
      -Search Buttons
      -Media Player Button
    - + 2 fixes
      * app: com.antutu.ABenchMark
      FPS Uberoid v5 = 81FPS
    FPS Uberoid v6 = 206FPS

Pre v6 changelog:
* Fixed battery charge mod
* Removed cell standby icon
* Fixed too big letter in keyboard pop up box issue
* Added Alkido Reader
* Fixed Camera and hibernation problem on 8″ M80003W
* Boosted battery life a bit more
* Fix the problem of the M80003W Touchscreen support and calibration
* Modded the framework to be HoneyComb
* Added support for ATF3416-7 (only changed setenv wmt.io.ts.2dcal 3 -17438 67608023 11859 10 -5362731 80387)
* Added support for BLY-706F v1
* Added support for BLY-706F v3
* Fixed battery/TS of PC-802 env
* Boosted battery, removed cell standby (monitor shows it was using 80% of battery usage), boost seems only to have effect without wifi.
* Disabled mock locations default
* Fixed M80003W cam and hibernation support
* Fixed TomTec number
* Updated GTalk
* Change M80003W TS codec from vt1603 to uor615
* Disabled a unneeded service
* Included HomeSwitcher
* Fixed time set problem
* Better touchscreen responsiveness
* Updated Youtube to 2.1.6
* Rebuilt Dalvic Cache
* Removed Skype
* Removed Tudou
* Added Google Streetview
* Added Google Maps with Navigation 5.4.0
* Added Google Docs 1.0.6r
* Added Google Talk
* Added Appmonster 2.0.5 free
* Fixed Angry Birds
* Fixed About Device problem
* Added another kernel to fix cam/hib problems (changer takes care of the switch)
* Updated CHANGER.BAT to change kernel with model
* Removed M009s 1.2.3 ubootenv
* Fixed PC 802 sound / cam problem
* Fixed M009s Green LED hibernation cam problem
* Fixed M003s sound problem
* Fixed M012s sound problem
* Fixed Flash 10.1
* Included anti malware/spyware host blocking file
* Patched Installer
* Cleared packagelist
* Fixed sync problems
* Fixed Gmail and Updated Gmail
* Fixed root
* Real Google Market
* Imitating a Galaxy Tab, all secured apps are on the market now.
* Boottext
* Removed dupe apps -20mb
* Removed sample movies/pics/mp3s -25mb
* Enhanced Scrolling
* Enhanced Wifi Battery performance
* Increased Dalvic cache size
* Increased audio volume
* Pre-Modded ADW Icons HoneyComb theme
* Included 2 special HoneyComb wallpaper packs
* Pre-Modded Go Launcher with HoneyComb theme icons
* Optimized sys RAM auto clearing
* Added GMAIL
* Included Res_WMTPhoto LITE, -30MB
* included 8 new wallpapers
* Rooted (after first reboot)
* Modded installation logo
* Added SuperUser
* Boosted SD memory access
* Added extra launchers
* All menus now in English
Download:Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v6 FiNAL 95.6MB

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